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Nathan Pitcock
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United States
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There is much to say about me I guess. I am a radiologic technologist from a small county hospital. My days are spent either "playing" with radiation or sleeping what little I can. I occasionally draw when the mood strikes me, and I leave the results to you. I try to live my life with a kind word to strangers when I am able, and I like to encourage people to always strive for success and not perfection. I am easy going so long as you go easy. I respect you and you respect me...that is how I live. The fact that you were nice enough to read this little entry in order to see who I am makes me smile. Thank you.

Current Residence: Tennessee
MP3 player of choice: Droid


My Heart in Your Hands
I figured I might as well continue my Zootopia theme, what with all the amazing fan works there are in this community. I have always thought I was mediocre at best when it comes to art, but I feel comfortable enough to share another work I put effort into. I love to do artwork that is more than "skin deep". I love to do expressionist pieces which are thought provoking...or I just love the simple language of body language...or I'm not very good at full-figure drawing. Nonetheless, I really hope that you all enjoy this piece. I have a little dialogue for this picture (I know I'm trash):

N: I know that I can't offer you much, Carrots. This might not even be worthy of you...but I need you to know that I trust you with everything that I am. I want to give you this broken, torn, betrayed heart, knowing that it isn't worthy of you. I regret that it isn't perfect, that it isn't pristine, or even golden. You don't have to accept this heart of mine...just know that it belongs to you now...I love you, Judy...I just want you to know that.

J: ......When I was a child, all I ever wanted was to make the world better by fulfilling my dreams and becoming a cop. I wanted to become a beacon for people to show them that they can accomplish any goal that they set their hearts on. I wanted people to admire me, respect me, to see that the world is a place that can be made better...I was never taken seriously. I would be spoken about in hushed whispers, chastised for having seemingly impossible aspirations. I only had the disingenuous belief that people spoke to my face. After a while, I slowly began to question their intentions. They loved me, and I feel as though they only wanted me to be safe, but I wanted to prove them prove myself wrong. I came to this city to make a difference, but I learned that I needed to learn much more about myself. All it takes is to meet some scruffy low-life hustling pawpsicles to ridicule, annoy...make you your you that you make a difference in lives by being yourself...and love you for being you. Nick, this is more than enough. I love everything about this honest, caring, and loving heart. I love you too, Nick.

N: Thank you Judy...and you forgot handsome by the way...

J:  Sure...just be glad I love you, fox

N: Hard to forget the best thing in your life.
The Masks We Wear
I became a reader for a particular story on and fell in love with the issues the story followed. (…)
When the author asked for submissions for cover ideas, this image popped into my brain. The idea comes from the thinking, "What if the bravado, humor, facade I put on to not let people see how much I am hurting was a real, physical mask?" Sometimes people around us are so well developed wearing this "mask", we forget the person underneath has their own face they are afraid to show us. I hope you enjoy the symbolism of this since my art isn't what I would call great, haha.

The Japanese say that each person wears three masks. The first, you show to the world. The second, you show to your friends and family. The third mask, you never show to anyone...that is the truest reflection of who you are.



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